• Corrected about:blank links
  • Updated translations


  • Small adjustments at the Premium activation mechanism
  • Updated translations


  • Drag & Drop functionality for all sortings (alphabetical, most used, ...)
  • New folder icon to choose for the sidebar folders
  • Bugfix: Search submit for Pinyin Input Method
  • Bugfix: Favicon preview of newtab page


  • Option to change surface color automatically based on OS preference
  • Button to add new child elements next to folder labels
  • Button to hide entries from linkchecker results
  • Bugfix: Endless loading spinner in search


  • Selection of multiple bookmarks and folders
  • Delete multiple bookmarks and folders at once
  • Drag&Drop multiple bookmarks and folders at once
  • Open all selected bookmarks
  • Additional tips and tricks
  • Added Catalan translation
  • Bugfix: Search suggestions for slow xhr requests


  • Allow empty grid cells for custom entries on the new tab page
  • Improved design of some pages in the settings
  • Bugfix: Don't prevent click in toggle area for other mouse button
  • Bugfix: Sidebar iframe affected by website color-scheme


  • Dashboard in the settings with tips and tricks
  • User-defined links for the grid on the new tab page
  • Customizable favicon of the new tab page
  • Increased default width of toggle area
  • Disabled sidebar in Progressive Web Apps [Expert option]


  • New sidebar theme (Focus)
  • Added button to copy URL of bookmark
  • Added Lithuanian translation
  • Bugfix: Bookmark title determination
  • Bugfix: Support for chrome-extension:// protocol bookmarks


  • Option to not close the sidebar when switching to another tab [Expert option]
  • Improved bookmark title detection when creating a new entry
  • Improved arrangement of links on the new tab page
  • Bugfix: Bookmark checker stuck in some situations


  • Configurable grid size for tiles on new tab page
  • New linkchecker implementation (working locally without external dependencies)
  • Improved text fields of translation overview for right-to-left languages
  • Improved compatibility with screen readers
  • Bugfix: Filter box overlapping scroll bar


  • Reduced default width of the indicator bar
  • Support for URL-Parameters in black/whitelist rules (e.g.
  • Added translation for American English
  • Bugfix: Close all directories when manually reloading the sidebar
  • Bugfix: Blur effect of the glass theme


  • Sidebar themes (Default & Glass)
  • Updated support section in the settings
  • Removed overlay asking for anonymous data sharing
  • Bugfix: Keyboard navigation
  • Bugfix: Focus search field on the new tab page


  • Option to hide search field on new tab page
  • Relaxed filter check (black-/whitelist) to not expect full URL rules
  • Bugfix: Adding shortcuts to the new tab page
  • Bugfix: Loading sidebar preview in the settings


  • Support for Microsoft Edge
  • Extended search suggestions on the new tab page (History entries, URLs)
  • New option to focus the omnibox on a new tab
  • Added Bulgarian translation
  • Bugfix: Auto-Reloading the sidebar


  • Allowed the use of arrow keys to navigate through entries
  • Updated design of drag handle
  • Added Thai translation
  • Bugfix: Custom typeface selection


  • Automatical switch of extension icon color based on OS color scheme
  • Added Estonian and Serbian translations
  • Bugfix: Prevent opening the sidebar when dragging files into the browser
  • Bugfix: Browser boundary aware contextmenus


  • Added bookmark suggestions to search field of new tab page
  • Early capture keyboard inputs on new tab page
  • Support for javascript URLs as bookmarks
  • Improved sidebar loading on Chrome startup


  • Bugfixes for Chrome Dev
  • Changed configuration export to not use buggy chrome.downloads API
  • Improved check for duplicate URLs
  • Show premium license key in settings of extension
  • Added Danish translation


  • Support for custom search engines on the New Tab Page
  • Configurable appearance of tiles on the New Tab Page (thumbnail or favicon)
  • New design for overlay to define the toggle area


  • Speech search for new tab page
  • Added check for empty directories
  • Improved keyboard navigation using "Tab" key
  • Bugfix: Sorting of entries on the new tab page


  • New design for settings page and onboarding
  • Added expert settings [Premium]
  • Added privacy policy
  • Removed niche configurations from the settings page
  • Contextmenu entry to add bookmarks directly
  • Bugfix: Trim title when adding a bookmark


  • New design for create and edit dialog with position selection
  • Submenu when hovering 'add' icon in the contextmenu
  • Optional reminder for new language variables
  • Added shortcut to focus search field of sidebar (ctrl+f, cmd+f)
  • Added Slovenian translation


  • Added info section in settings
  • Bugfix: 'delete' key not working in search field
  • Bugfix: Show error message when bookmark checker is not reachable


  • Optional title for separators
  • Refocus last active element on the website when closing the sidebar
  • Perform search when pressing "enter" when there is only one search result
  • Don't show overlay when bookmarking current page by drag&drop


  • Added option to enable directory arrows
  • Option to remember opened sub directories
  • Updated search input appearance
  • Added FAQ section to feedback page in the settings
  • Redesigned translation page


  • Configurable position of shortcuts on the new tab page
  • Code optimization
  • Bugfix: Loading new tab page as Chrome start page
  • Bugfix: user type tracking


  • Premium content
  • Draggable sidebar width [Premium]
  • Custom background upload for newtab page [Premium]
  • Added warning in the settings for unsaved changes
  • Added breadcrumb to info overlay and search result tooltips
  • Added custom tracking implementation
  • Removed Google Analytics
  • Added Slovak translation
  • Bugfix: Url checker freeze when checking directory with many elements


  • Additional infos in tooltip
  • Extended search to take additional infos in account
  • Allow folders to be dragged into other directories
  • Add button below list in hideRoot mode
  • Added Croatian translation
  • Bugfix: Search result lazy load index
  • Bugfix: prevent dropping elements in root


  • Screenshot Upload in the feedback form
  • Bugfix: Switching between dark/light don't override user defined colors
  • Bugfix: overlapping right sidebar on the new tab page
  • Bugfix: font dropdown in settings
  • Bugfix: Sorting of new tabs


  • Extended bookmark url checker
  • Improved scroll position saving mechanism
  • Added option to disable contextmenu entry
  • Added option to disable the sidebar in window mode
  • Changed Javascript options structure


  • Show directories in search result
  • Bugfix: Sorting of search results
  • Bugfix: Sticky position of pinned entries


  • Open newtab page when sidebar could not be opened
  • Removed notifications
  • Added Greek, Hebrew and Arabic translation
  • Bugfix: Contextmenu initialization, visibilitychanged event
  • Bugfix: Reinitialization after external sidebar destruction


  • Changed changelog page to show version history
  • Added contextmenu entry to open sidebar
  • Shift+Tab to hover the previous element
  • Bugfix: Auto opening sidebar on default newtab page


  • Added Finnish and Norwegian translation
  • Changed last page of onboarding
  • Bugfix: Favicon reloading mechanism
  • Bugfix: show onboarding page only once for multiple devices
  • Bugfix: Drag&Drop below directories


  • Added filter options (blacklist/whitelist)
  • Limited configuration tracking
  • Bugfix: CheckExistence after reinitialization


  • Configurable toggle area (replacing pixel tolerance settings)
  • Reinitialize sidebar when website removes it from DOM
  • Replaced FAQ with feedback suggestions
  • Changed separators implementation
  • Added Romanian translation
  • Bugfix: Update Url for large lists


  • Updated list of available languages
  • Added support for language variations
  • Separated Portuguese translation (Brazil/Portugal)


  • Support for right-to-left languages
  • Changed export mechanism to use chrome.downloads api
  • Added Persian translation
  • Bugfix: Drag&Drop cancel
  • Bugfix: "show hidden" entry in contextmenu
  • Bugfix: Automatically open sidebar on newtab page


  • Permanent sidebar for newtab page
  • Changed hidden sidebar mask mechanism
  • Bugfix: Reinitialize sidebar on newtab page
  • Bugfix: Preventing reload when adding entry after deletion


  • Restructured/Reordered options
  • Added presets for sidebar appearance
  • Changed settings save mechanism
  • Swapped drag&drop icon
  • Bugfix: Window mode detection


  • Added advanced settings for custom css
  • Changed daily tracking mechanism
  • Bugfix: Upgrade user preferences


  • Additional info for entries
  • Added new contextmenu entries
  • Added more customization options
  • Updated sharing of user configuration and activity
  • Changed deletion mechanism
  • Added Dutch and Indonesian translation


  • Lockable pinned entries container
  • Minified svg images
  • Bugfix: html tags in bookmark title
  • Bugfix: Positioning of colorpicker


  • Configurable hover color
  • Option to auto open sidebar after clicking a bookmark
  • Changed initialisation method/event
  • eslint code formatting
  • Added Italian translation
  • Bugfix: Restore behaviour settings
  • Bugfix: onInstalled listener


  • Added notifications when sidebar couldn't be opened
  • Reload/Reinitialize only active tab
  • Changed i18n/translation helpers
  • Added Turkish and Swedish translation
  • Bugfix: colorpicker alpha field


  • Replaced colorpicker with own implementation
  • Added foreground color depending on defined colorscheme (black or white)
  • Added confirm dialog before resetting configuration
  • Added traditional Chinese translation


  • Removed deprecated/unused functions
  • Bugfix: Remove pinned bookmarks
  • Bugfix: Clear cache after move/childrenReorder event
  • Bugfix: sendMessage after reinitialization


  • Added html caching
  • Reinitialize mechanism after installing or changing configuration
  • Redesigned settings/translation pages
  • Configurable extension icon
  • Added new tab replacement page
  • Improved keyboard navigation
  • Restructured background script
  • Added Korean translation


  • Ctrl click to open in new tab
  • Added Hungarian translation
  • Optional preventing of drag&drop opening


  • Added onboarding page
  • Added pin to top feature
  • Improved middle click behaviour
  • Changed bookmark tooltips
  • Replaced gruntjs with npm scripts


  • Import/Export configuration
  • Added separate slider for directory icon size
  • Layout/Design optimizations
  • Bugfix: Eventlistener with IME input


  • Service status check for check url, feedback form and translation overview
  • Option to disable animations
  • Added Polish translation
  • Bugfix: Sort refresh


  • Added configuration for new tab position
  • Bugfix: Refresh tabs for every bookmark in import job
  • Bugfix: SearchBox not loaded when open sidebar automatically on new tab page


  • Added ga events for overlay actions
  • Bugfix: restoreOpenState for empty directory
  • Bugfix: show in directory


  • Changed ga event and page tracking
  • Bugfix: trackUserData events


  • Touchscreen support
  • Added separators
  • Added dark theme
  • Google Analytics tracking
  • Extended keyboard shortcuts
  • Added Spanish translation
  • Changed clickcounter storage to local


  • Allowed clicking the indicator when visible
  • Added Czech translation


  • Added checkbox to disable close timeout
  • Added delay before opening directory when drag&drop
  • Bugfix: broken indicator on new tab page
  • Bugfix: Stylesheets on pages without head
  • Bugfix: Drag elements into empty directories


  • Synchronize tabs after modifying entries and changing settings
  • Extended open delay option to also affect click delay
  • Corrected language sorting


  • Changed appearance on new tab page
  • Added Portuguese and Russian translations
  • Updated FAQ


  • Changes clickCounter storage mechanism
  • Added 'recently used' sorting
  • Added default font for simplified chinese


  • Sort bookmarks and directories separately
  • Language specific typefaces
  • Translated appearance previews


  • Added FontHelper
  • Mechanism for loading different default fonts for single languages
  • Bugfix: Language infos loading


  • Added Chinese, French, Japanese and Vietnamese translations
  • Extended Drag&Drop to allow dropping external urls into the sidebar


  • Added shortcut for copying bookmark url on hover
  • Added German translation
  • Bugfixes: Translation contribution


  • Updated appearance
  • Replaced webp images with svg
  • Added sort functionality
  • Added translation contribution
  • Replaced default translation mechanism
  • Possibility to add bookmarks/directories


  • Extended config upgrade script
  • Autogenerated locales json file
  • Changed ShareUserdata masking


  • Added keyboard shortcuts (esc to close sidebar, home to scroll to top)
  • Bugfix: breaking layout of
  • Bugfix: menu contextmenu in right sidebar


  • Added "open in incognito window" contextmenu entry
  • Extended "remember" configuration
  • open sidebar optionally only via icon click


  • Configurable typeface
  • linkAction configuration


  • Added config for directory open speed
  • Extended config cleanup
  • Bugfix: showing changelog multiple times


  • Changed contextmenus
  • Check urls of specific directories
  • Added directory accordion open behaviour
  • Extended configuration (openDelay, bookmarksDirIcon, textColor)


  • Hide bookmarks from contextmenu
  • Added global info object for all entries
  • Changed storage keys for openstates and clickcounter


  • Added method for language vars
  • Improved openstate restore method
  • Added 'show in directory' in search results


  • Completely new settings page
  • Added customization options
  • Replaced png with webp
  • Updated preview images and screenshots


  • Added changelog
  • Reduced code redundance in scss
  • Bugfixes: fresh installation with new storage structure


  • Added greeting page after installation
  • Added howto tutorial animation


  • Preparation for configurable appearance settings


  • Search function
  • Toggle sidebar by clicking the icon in the chrome menu
  • Added possibility to add keyboard shortcuts
  • Restructured stored data


  • Bugfix: close sidebar after timeout
  • Added search toggle events
  • Added search language vars


  • Open sidebar by clicking the icon in the chrome menu


  • Added mouseover open action for sidebar
  • Changed extension color scheme
  • Bugfix: Drag scrollbar with pressed mouse button


  • Improved favicon loading


  • Lowered resend time of user data to 12h
  • Updated icons


  • Created GitHub repository


  • Optional userdata sharing


  • Extended options page with multiple tabs ('Configuration', 'Feedback' and 'Help Improving')


  • Middle click action configuration
  • Removed jQuery dependency
  • Code optimization
  • Minified js-files


  • Configuration extended
  • Added drag&drop functionality for changing bookmark positions
  • Optimized scroll behaviour of trackpads
  • Optimized settings page for hdpi screens


  • Differ pixel tolerance between maximized and windowed browser


  • Sidebar with all bookmarks
  • Edit/Remove bookmarks and directories
  • Infos about bookmarks and directories
  • Check of the bookmark urls for changed or broken ones
  • Optional indicator (icon on semitransparent background)
  • Fully configurable